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Education gives meaning to life, it gives values to life. Therefore, to make education meaningful is the real challenge. Poor parents do a lot of hard work to educate their wards. So, to provide quality education is our aim and we will be able to do it.


Thematic Areas


Projects aimed at providing educational equity

Capacity Building

Building Capacity of leadership and administrators in education

Creating Learning environments

Creating conducive environment for learning


Preparing work force read students


Gathering evidence of learning

Technology for Learning

Technology for teachers and students

Student health, welfare, and sanitation

Providing nutrition and other non-academic facilities to students


Social Initiatives aimed at impacting education at scale

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Infosys cofounder Shibulal turns a page with offline edtech incubator
“EduMentum is designed to promote social entrepreneurs who are working to transform the education ecosystem. EduMentum will encourage development and use of indigenous body of knowledge in the area of school education through ShikshaLokam,” said ...
Three milestones in education
There is enough data about the learning crisis in India. What is needed is effective decentralised action Every year in January, when the Annual Status of Education Report (ASER) is released, there is a hue and cry about the status of children’s l...

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I walked into a school where there was no electricity, but it was totally digitally-run. Once "how" of this experiment was understood, this could be scaled to 60,000 schools within a year with the funds from non-governmental sector. "Shaala Sarathi " has the potential to replicate such scaling in a structured manner

Anil Swarup, Secretary - Department of School Education and Learning, MHRD