Infosys cofounder Shibulal
turns a page with offline edtech incubator

“EduMentum is designed to promote social entrepreneurs who are working to transform the education ecosystem. EduMentum will encourage development and use of indigenous body of knowledge in the area of school education through ShikshaLokam,” said Shibulal. ShikshaLokam is an education leadership platform under Advaith. The Advaith Foundation was set up by Kumari Shibulal and SD Shibulal to promote philanthropic ventures in the field of education and research. “Through EduMentum, we have got a lot to learn that helps enrich our domain knowledge and knowledge on organisational development. Experiences in EduMentum boot camps have been very rich as we share each other's learnings. Getting good mentorship is usually difficult for startups,” said Ram Prakash, cofounder Vidya Vidhai, which aims to bridge the gap between the resourced and under-resourced schools.

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