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Information for States

All states have appointed a nodal officer to manage the Shaala Sarathi. Login details have been emailed to the respective nodal officers. If you need assistance, please click here. States may express interest in projects, or upload projects of their own. Once an MoU has been signed, the state will receive a notification that it will have to approve. Only then will the project go live on the portal. More details are available in the user manual.

Information for CSRs

Any CSR is free to register on the portal. Once a CSR has registered, it can express interest in projects or put up projects of their own. CSRs will receive a notification if they been tagged as partners in any project. If the CSR approves this, then they will be able to add milestones and will receive updates on the project status (as and when updated). More details are available in the user manual.

Information for NGOs

There are some eligibility criteria for NGOs to be allowed to register on the portal. If NGOs are provided a log-in, they can upload their projects and express interest in the projects of CSRs/States. Once a project has begun, the NGO will be responsible for updating the status of milestones [added by the supporting CSR(s)]. More details are available in the user manual.

What is the Shaala Sarathi?

  • In a nutshell, the Shaala Sarathi is an online platform that connects high-quality NGOs, CSRs and States interested in reforming school education in India. The Portal helps NGOs in scaling their programmes across the state, with support from CSRs.
  • The Portal is the brainchild of Shri Anil Swarup, the Secretary of the School Education and Literacy Department of the MHRD.
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Who are the intended users of the Shaala Sarathi?

  • The Shaala Sarathi has been built primarily for high-quality NGOs, CSRs and States. There is also some data and information that is available without logging in, that may be of interest to researchers and the general public.

What are the main functions of the Shaala Sarathi?

  • The key functions available to all stakeholders on the Shaala Sarathi are creating their own projects, searching for and expressing interest in other projects and tracking progress of ongoing projects. Additionally, …

What is the plan for the portal going forward?

  • In the future, we aim to introduce many new features: third-party verification of NGO projects, online communication and transfer of funds as well as advanced monitoring capability, to name a few.

How can individuals use the Shaala Sarathi?

  • The Portal is not designed for use by individuals. However, one may view ongoing and completed projects, as well as browse through proposed projects that have not yet started. If you would like to support a project in your personal capacity, please click here.

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