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  • Name of Company :
  • Neodigital Learning LLP
  • Sector:
  • 19
  • CSR budget for the current financial year :
  • 500000.00 lakhs
  • Primary thematic area :
  • Primary beneficiary :
  • Primary geographic area :
Secondary thematic areas :
Secondary beneficiaries:
Secondary geographical areas:
  • 7
CSR awards received: Not Available
Current programmes supported in education: N/A
Previous programmes supported in education: N/A
Overview of previous work in CSR (last 2 years): We have got 167 students of all Kendriya Vidyalaya New Delhi age group 11-18 for Leadership League 2017. Neodigital is not a profitable company yet, but yes we have prepared ourselves to spend to CSR activities once we will be in profit in near future.
Future prioritiess: We are working towards building leadership competitions Pan India. Establishing technology as the backbone of school improvement, learning, professional development and administration. Integrating technology to prepare students for career, developing systems and strategies that will help educators, use assessment data to improve student learning. Investing in research and development, focused on innovation in teaching and learning.
Non-financial support that can be offered: N/A
Contact person name: Priti Goel
Contact email: pgoel@esselgroup.com
Alternate contact email: N/A
Contact mobile phone: 9899504000
Alternate contact phone: N/A
Designation: Founder
Website: http://www.nys.co.in
Social media links: https://www.facebook.com/NurturringYoungSeeds/
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