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  • Name of Company :
  • Genpact India Private Limited
  • Sector:
  • 1
  • CSR budget for the current financial year :
  • 1419.00 lakhs
  • Primary thematic area :
  • Primary beneficiary :
  • Primary geographic area :
Secondary thematic areas :
  • Education & Employability
Secondary beneficiaries:
Secondary geographical areas:
  • 7
CSR awards received: NA
Current programmes supported in education: N/A
Previous programmes supported in education: N/A
Overview of previous work in CSR (last 2 years): Genpact is committed to giving back to the community through projects and initiatives under three pillars in line with our strengths and core expertise, as well as causes that our employees are passionate about: • Education and Employability • Women’s Empowerment • Sustainable Social Impact Under each pillar, we run projects in partnership with institutional/NGO partner organizations or in some instances directly. The primary focus of our CSR strategy is Education & Employability, and Women’s Empowerment, and we strongly believe that working on these two pillars will enable us to create sustainable social impact in the country and community.
Future prioritiess: we continue the same projects year on year for sustainable impact
Non-financial support that can be offered: N/A
Contact person name: Sanjay Bhatia
Contact email: sanjay.bhatia@genpact.com
Alternate contact email: N/A
Contact mobile phone: 9999017506
Alternate contact phone: N/A
Designation: Senior Manager
Website: http://www.genpact.com
Social media links: http://https://www.facebook.com/genpact.cares/
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