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  • Name of Company :
  • Sector:
  • 13
  • CSR budget for the current financial year :
  • 925.00 lakhs
  • Primary thematic area :
  • Primary beneficiary :
  • Primary geographic area :
Secondary thematic areas :
Secondary beneficiaries:
Secondary geographical areas:
  • 8
CSR awards received: 1. Appreciation plaque at FICCI CSR Award 2016 2. 1st UCCI Excellence CSR Award 2017 3. Greentech & FAME Awards
Current programmes supported in education: N/A
Previous programmes supported in education: N/A
Overview of previous work in CSR (last 2 years): The CSR details may be sent at www.jktyre.com The major CSR projects of JK Tyre may be categorised in following heads- 1. Health care & sanitation 2. Education 3. Livelihood enhancement 4. Water conservation & Environment
Future prioritiess: N/A
Non-financial support that can be offered: N/A
Contact person name: anupam bajpai
Contact email: anupam.bajpai@jkmail.com
Alternate contact email: N/A
Contact mobile phone: 9810408545
Alternate contact phone: N/A
Designation: Chief Manager
Website: http://www.jktyre.com
Social media links: http://
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