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  • Name of Company :
  • Magma Fincorp Ltd.
  • Sector:
  • 2
  • The CSR expenditure in the previous financial year :
  • 550.00 lakhs
  • Focus thematic area in education:
  • , providing financial support to selected meritorious student
  • Primary beneficiaries :
  • , Children (18-21 years)
  • Geographic location presence:
  • 37
About the company: Magma Fincorp Ltd.
Overview of the previous work done in Education: 1) Highway Heroes - Magma Fincorp Ltd. in association with Petroleum Conservation Research and Association (PCRA), Govt. of India has launched an initiative “Highway Heroes” in 2005 where they conducts training camps for the drivers’ community. The contents of the training camp includes, efficient and safe driving skill, vehicle maintenance and mileage improvement, meaning of road signage, etc. Apart from this the camp also has a health clinic and eye clinic to provide free service to drivers in relation to generic disease and update them with necessary health related tips. Till December 2017 we have organized around 800 camps at 190 location and have trained around 125000 drivers. 2) Mobile Clinic - The project includes a weekly generic health camp for the rural masses, where the villagers gets free access to a qualified doctor along with generic medicine. According to a recent study on an avg. a doctor spends less than 2 minutes with a patient where as in our camp a patient spends more than 8 minutes with the doctor. In the last one year we have organized around 50 health camps and have treated around 3500 patients. 3) M-Scholar - we have 200 students enroll in our scheme from various parts of the country who are pursuing their education in the field of Medical, Engineering, Humanities, Commerce at India’s best known institutions. 4) Swayam- Selective social development projects from the states where we have the footprint. School renovation, toilet construction in the remote corner of Odisha 5) Hunger Free Education- Providing mid day meal to 5100 students across 7 location in the country 6) Promoting Education - We have adopted 15 nos. of schools in tribal areas as well as in urban areas to offer education to the tribal kids and street kids. Hostel Facility for 40 youths in Tamil Nadu and Telangana region 7) Protecting Guards- Medical aid facility to forest guard at Palpur Kuno forest in MP
Website link: http://www.magma.co.in
Annual CSR report :
CSR awards received: 1) Asia Pacific HRM Congress Awards - Best Corporate Social Responsibility Practice, 2015 (Highway Heroes) 2) CSR Leadership Award, National Awards for Excellence in CSR & Sustainability, 2016 (M Scholar) 3) Corporate Responsibility Award -by Investor  Review, UK, 2016 (M Scholar) 4) NGOBOX CSR Impact Awards- CSR Project of the Year, 2016 (Highway Heroes) 5) 2nd Best Project of the Year- NHRDN CSR Competition, 2016  (Highway Heroes) 6) BT CSR Excellence Awards - Innovation in CSR Practices, 2017 (Highway Heroes) 7) Asian Customer Engagement Forum & Awards  - Best CSR Event, 2017  (Highway Heroes) 8) CSR Journal Excellence Award - Health and Sanitation, 2017  (M Care)
Project Name: Project State: Action:
Future priorities for work in Education : 1) Taking the M-Scholar beneficiary numbers to 1000 2) Toilets in girls school 3) Infrastructure and drinking water support to primary schools
Non-financial support that can be offered : Sound NGO to identify and implement the project
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