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  • Section 8 company
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  • 04-12-2007
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  • U80900DL2007NPL171093
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  • About Educate Girls A. Educate Girls was established in 2007 by Safeena Husain B. Registered as a Non profit under Section 8 of the Indian Companies Act, 2013 and 501c3 under the IRS C. Focus on Enrolment, Retention and Learning of the most rural and marginalized girls between the age group of 6 to 14 years by leveraging existing government and community resources D. Program model resides at the top of Indias The Right of Children to Free and Compulsory Education Act i.e. Right to Education Act, 2009 E. Educate Girls launched its Girl Child Education pilot project in Rajasthan in October 2005 under the umbrella of Rajasthan Education Initiative i.e. REI in the government run primary and upper primary schools. On completion of the pilot project in December 2007, Educate Girls scaled up to 500 schools in Pali, Rajasthan F. Beginning FY 2016, Educate Girls expanded its programmatic intervention to educationally backward districts of Madhya Pradesh for the first time. Hence, Educate Girls is also working with the Government of Madhya Pradesh to implement its program on ground G. The program has expanded from a 500 school pilot to over 21,000 schools in more than 12,000 villages across 15 educationally backward districts in India. 11 districts in Rajasthan and 4 districts in Madhya Pradesh H. Engage a cadre of over 11,000 community volunteers known as Team Balika who are champions for girls education in their villages I. Impact since inception from 2007 a. Over 2,00,000 out of school girls enrolled in school b. Over 90 per cent retention of enrolled girls c. 25 to 40 per cent improvement in literacy and numeracy outcomes d. Over 6,50,000 children with improved learning outcomes e. 49 lakh total beneficiaries of the program J. Implemented the worlds first Development Impact Bond i.e. DIB in education with UBS Optimus Foundation and Childrens Investment Fund Foundation in 2015 with a focus on improving learning outcomes for 15,000 children in Rajasthan K. Combined with Educate Girls longstanding experience of working in primary education in Grades 1 to 8, Educate Girls has extended its intervention into secondary education i.e. Grades 9 to 10 by piloting a community and in school intervention for secondary school students for 2 years i.e. 2017 to 2019 with 4,500 beneficiaries in Ajmer, Rajasthan. This intervention aligns well with the Sustainable Development Goals i.e. SDGs internationally and the Rashtriya Madhyamik Siksha Abhiyan i.e. RMSA National Mission for Secondary Education nationally L. Recipient of prestigious awards including the 2017 NITI Aayog Award for Women Transforming India, 2016 NASSCOM Foundation Award, 2015 Skoll Award, 2014 USAID Millennium Alliance Award to name a few Educate Girls Intervention Educate Girls program is focused on improving the Enrollment, Retention and Learning cycle of every child in the educationally backward districts in which it operates. The program aims to usher in systemic reform, bridge gender gap and provide quality education to children. Educate Girls achieves these outcomes by conducting the following activities A. Outcome 1 Enrollment a. Identification of Out of school girls i.e. OOSG In addition to the CTS i.e. Child Tracking Survey and Census data collected by the government, Educate Girls staff and Team Balika i.e. Community Volunteers conduct an extensive census like activity known as the door to door survey to identify OOSGs. The team reaches out to each and every household in the district. Post identification of the OOSGs, the Team Balika persuades and convinces the parents of each girl to enroll her in school. B. Outcome 2 Retention a. School Management Committee i.e. SMC orientation and training and School Improvement Plans i.e. SIP Educate Girls formalizes, trains and works with 15 member councils known as SMCs that consist of parents, teachers and village leaders to improve school governance and infrastructure. The SMCs are provided with handholding support to prepare and execute the SIP. b. Bal Sabha i.e. Girls Council formation and Life Skills Training Educate Girls facilitates the elections of a Bal Sabha in every Upper Primary School and trains these girls in life skills to boost confidence, communication, leadership, public speaking, empathy and problem solving skills. C. Outcome 3 Improved Learning Outcomes a. Learning Curriculum To improve learning levels for numeracy and literacy, Educate Girls implements a remedial curriculum for the children studying in grades 3 to 5 with the use of specially designed kits called Gyan Ka Pitara i.e. GKP which translates to Repository of Knowledge. D. General Activities to achieve the above mentioned outcomes a. Team Balika Training During the financial year, Educate Girls conducts training and review meetings for the Team Balika i.e. Community Volunteers on all aspects of the program. b. Community Mobilization Educate Girls conducts Gram Siksha Sabha i.e. Village Education Meetings and Mohalla meetings i.e. Neighborhood Meetings to sensitize the community towards the importance of girls education and engage them to prepare community based engagement plans.
Registered office address: 50/8, First Floor, Tolstoy Lane, Janpath, New Delhi - 110001, Delhi, India
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