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  • 20-Oct-2008
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Details of education Program:
  • Through the Anandshala program we strive to turn schools into learning spaces full of joy to ensure every child stays, engages and learns in schools. ... Read more
  • Through the Anandshala program we strive to turn schools into learning spaces full of joy to ensure every child stays, engages and learns in schools. We have an extensive portfolio of teacher support systems, data, tool kits and capacity building for schools, to improve the education system’s capabilities for effective teaching and learning. The core concept is not just a focus on the child being ready for school, but the school also being ready for the child, by recognising the role that all educational functionaries, families and communities play in supporting a child’s learning process. Background Anandshala has evolved from the School Dropout Prevention Pilot Program SDPP, a USAID funded 4 country program implemented from 2011-15. This was an RCT undertaken with 113 intervention schools and 107 control schools. Since SDPP ended, we have scaled the program to Grade 5-8 in 300 Govt schools in Samastipur District, Bihar, impacting 90,000 students and 1200 teachers in a focused manner. The program is being implemented with support from the Bihar Education Project Council, state SSA body and has the potential to impact 400,000 children across 1000 schools in Samastipur District itself. Approach Anandshala works on a district wide model of change. It envisions a district education system where everyone is working towards the shared goal of ensuring quality education for all schools. This implies that- Teachers are adequately equipped and supported to teach. There is regular teacher capacity building to build engaging learning environments at the school, so that children demonstrate high learning levels. Children are equipped with 21st century skills such as critical thinking, collaboration, leadership and communication. There is a well functioning mechanism for parents to be part of their children’s learning process. Regular dialogue between school and community and within the education system makes parents active collaborators in their child’s learning process and schools accountable towards student’s learning. A data driven system from the school to district level ensures effective planning and support to improve students’ learning levels. Core aspects Early Warning System School level data to help teachers get to know students, build relationships and track progress of those who are not attending, engaging & learning at school. Enrichment Program Activities for students to develop leadership skills, language skills and other 21st Century skills, using innovative strategies like activating student bodies  and interesting tools allowing for creative expression and freedom, while actively interacting with the community. Parent Engagement Activities, games and spaces for parents to build awareness and engagement with schools and their role towards their child’s education. Show less
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