Himachal Pradesh

  • Focus thematic areas in education :
  • Assessment,Children with Special Needs,Early Literacy and Numeracy
  • Vision for education reform :
  • To ensure high quality teaching learning in all schools by creating enabling learning conditions every day for every student in every classroom through the TOTAL LEADERSHIP that is sum total of the classroom leadership, middle leadership and school leadership.
  • Number of districts: :
  • 12
  • Potential future projects :
  • PRERNA<>Digitization of teachers and Students attandance
  • Number of children :
  • 1433260
  • Number of schools :
  • 18039
State’s strengths in Education sector Political commitment, Community ownership, Transparency and honesty in utilization of State and Central Govt. Resources
Areas of development in the education sector Build stronger bridges between education & the wider community
Support required Financial and Human Suport
Ongoing projects in state
  • PRERNA,PRAYAS,OMR based Review and Monitoring,Digitization of Assessment,Use of ICT,Ensuring on time textbook delivery,Shalla-Sidhi
State’s special features Himachal, meaning the land of snow, located 450km north of Delhi is one of the most beautiful states of Indian union. Enchanting hills, deep and green valleys, popular pilgrim centers, unexplored regions bathed in pristine beauty, culturally unique and rich tribal areas, gurgling streams and alpine flora all beckon the travelers. Himachal extends from the plains of Punjab and Haryana to the permanent snow covered Himalayan mountain ranges. The Shivaliks take off from the plains and gentle hills roll one by one and rise in altitude as one approaches Himachal from the plains. The Shivalik, Dhauladhar, Pir Panjal and Great Himalayan ranges run almost parallel to each other and shape the deep valleys irrigated by numerous perennial streams and rivers. The valleys of Kullu and Kangra receive plenty of monsoon rains but the valleys of Lahaul, Pangi, Spiti and Kinnaur that lie beyond Pir Panjal receive very little rains. Several perennial rivers originate in the state. Main rivers that rise in Himachal are Beas, Ravi, Chandrabhaga, Pabbar, Giri, Baira and Siul. The Satluj enters in Kinnaur district from Tibet and flows through many districts before entering Punjab. The Yamuna flows on the western border of Himachal in Sirmour district.
Website edumis.hp.gov.in
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