• Focus thematic areas in education :
  • Assessment
  • Vision for education reform :
  • To improve the access, equity and quality of education being provided across the State in all schools
  • Number of districts: :
  • 30
  • Potential future projects :
  • Science for School Education Project
  • Number of children :
  • 10124227
  • Number of schools :
  • 77552
State’s strengths in Education sector Qualified Teachers with focused training
Areas of development in the education sector Parental disbelief in govt. schools
Support required
Ongoing projects in state
  • Science for School Education Project ,Ganitha Kalika Andholana,Student Motivation Programme,School library Programme ,Odu Karnataka,Guru Chethana ,Child Protection policy ,English Nali-Kali Programme ,Quality Education Project
State’s special features
Website www.schooleducation.kar.nic.in
Other data
Project Name: Project State: Action: