• Focus thematic areas in education :
  • Assessment,Capacity building of government officials,Early Childhood Education
  • Vision for education reform :
  • A number of efforts are being undertaken to transform the education governance systems in Rajasthan for the effective implementation of the education reforms in the state. For the same, the state is strengthening its Management and Information Systems for accelerated data driven accountability and governance. To compliment this, various Management and Review committees are set at the state and district level to track and monitor the progress of various projects aimed at improving education quality and their timely implementation. All this is done in partnership with various civil society organizations whose support has been extremely valuable.
  • Number of districts: :
  • 33
  • Potential future projects :
  • Infrastructure<>Capacity Building of Teachers<>Teaching Learning Material and Activity Based Learning Kits<>Designing of online courses for teacher
  • Number of children :
  • 16423992
  • Number of schools :
  • 105514
State’s strengths in Education sector The Government has successfully created efficient management structures, governance mechanisms and communication channels to increase accountability, transparency and improve decision making. Project Management Units have been established to develop the strategy for all initiatives in the Adarsh and Utkrisht roadmap and drive its implementation. To solve for lack of accurate and real time data for decision making as well as performance tracking at the school, staff and student level, an online MIS system called Shaala Darpan for secondary setup and shaala Darshan for elementary setup has been created. It is now being used for real-time tracking of student performance & movement, teacher movement, and improvement in school performance. Furthermore, education governance has been decentralized by designating Principal of Integrated Schools as ex-officio Panchayat Elementary Education Officers (PEEO). The creation of the PEEO will lead to improved administrative and academic monitoring of education initiatives, and ensure effective leadership towards attainment of improved education outcomes.
Areas of development in the education sector In order to provide necessary infrastructure in all government elementary and secondary schools almost Rs. 5K crore are required. Thus infrastructure remains a major challenge for which support is solicited.
Support required Support in infrastructure development in schools from Companies under CSR and other organisations. Technical support for assessments and designing online courses from experts would also be appreciated
Ongoing projects in state
  • Infrastructure,Pedagogy,Leadership Traninings,IT Based Projects
State’s special features Rajasthan is Indias largest state by area. The state located on northwest part of country and is a home of cultural diversity. Almost 55 percent of the state area is covered by desert.
Website www.gyansankalp.nic.in
Other data
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Digital Classroom with Wi-Fi Library
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