Uttar Pradesh

  • Focus thematic areas in education :
  • Capacity building of government officials,Assessment,Children with Special Needs
  • Vision for education reform :
  • To ensure that every village in the state has a well equipped, well staffed, well functioning and well attended primary and upper primary school providing useful and relevant elementary education that cuts across all social, regional and gender gaps to all children in the 6-14 group
  • Number of districts: :
  • 75
  • Potential future projects :
  • Girls Education
  • Number of children :
  • 48406853
  • Number of schools :
  • 255969
State’s strengths in Education sector managing more than 1.5 lakhs school with 48406853 children
Areas of development in the education sector Girls Education,Teacher Training,Transition from 5 to 6th and 8th to 9th,Develop Library,Retention
Support required identification of cwsn according to RPwd Act 2016
Ongoing projects in state
  • Girls Education,Develop Liberary in Varanasi,Pilot Project to provide furniture to student in allahabad,Teacher Training,Remedial Teaching
State’s special features
Website upefa.com
Other data
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