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Pre-Primary Education

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Project Owner : Punjab
Status : On Track
State: Punjab
Start date : 14 Nov 2017
Estimated End Date : 24 months
Estimated cost : 500.06 lakh
Cost per beneficiary : 0.00 lakh
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Key success indicators : • Pre-Primary classes in all Govt. Primary Schools • Increased enrolment in Govt. Primary Schools • Improved learning outcomes in Govt. Primary Schools
Problem statement : Pre--school years are crucial both for a child’s overall development as well as for preparing the child for entering the mainstream education system. Keeping the importance of pre-school education in mind, the government of Punjab has launched a Pre-primary Program under the state’s flagship program ‘Parho Punjab, Parhao Punjab’. The Pre-Primary Program targets children from the age group 3-6 years. The program focuses on achieving all round development of the child (which includes physical, motor, language, cognitive, socio- emotional, and creative and aesthetic appreciation) through play-way methods. It includes teaching learning activities along with other activities focused on concepts around pre-reading, pre-number and writing/drawing. In addition, children will also be exposed to a print rich environment as this exposure is proven to build deeper understanding, comprehension, vocabulary and oral expression. It also aims to create awareness in the community regarding the importance of pre-school education and improve attendance in the pre-schools.
Proposed solution : With the start of pre-primary classes in the state, the standard of education in primary classes is bound to increase as the children of the age group 3 to 6 years will receive school readiness program resulting in laying of sound foundation leading to improved learning outcomes. This will also increase enrolment in govt. primary schools.
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