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Project Owner : Gujarat
Status : On Track
State: Gujarat
Start date : 15 Jun 2017
Estimated End Date : 60 months
Estimated cost : 1200.00 lakh
Cost per beneficiary : 0.00 lakh
Project Partners :
Key success indicators : - Number of schools vocational education has been introduced - Number of students enrolled and getting the certificiation - Number of students getting internships and eventually placement
Problem statement : Lend-a-hand-India is a multi-state NGO with a mission to promote skill education in secondary schools. It is currently working in partnership with 14 states/UTs Governments across India providing the state department of Education with technical and project management support (without any cost to the state government) to offer vocational education in the state.
Proposed solution : There is a great disconnect between what students are learning in the school versus what is required in real life. Vocational education at the secondary school level aims to bridge this gap and make education practical and relevant. The project is expected to improve employability of the students passing from these courses because of industry driven inputs and exposure.
Additional details :
Beneficiary : Children (14-18 years)
What is needed : ,,,
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