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Improvement of Monitoring Process in RMSA

Posted By: Meghalaya


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Project Owner : Meghalaya
Status : Not yet started
State: Meghalaya
Start date : 2 May 2018
Estimated End Date : 12 months
Estimated cost : 99.38 lakh
Cost per beneficiary : 0.00 lakh
Project Partners :
Key success indicators : Improved accountability among SSA & RMSA stakeholders, Increase Transparency, Aiding in qualitative and quantitative data collection, Better integration, Increased productivity, Equipping the management, supervisors and schools with better tools for better performance, Back End Analytics
Problem statement : The Monitoring processes being one of the important exercises carried out to ensure the productive use of resources and safeguard quality outcomes. In Meghalaya, the Department has been collecting data from all the concerned districts through Field Visit Reports, Audit Reports, consolidated attendance of teachers, etc
Proposed solution : The current state of the monitoring process of RMSA tasking and the information received has been piecemeal with quality of information being poor and to some extend manipulative data. Slow pace of working is due to lack of proper monitoring tools, access to high speed internet connectivity and competent tech support to compile and disseminate quality information. Inability to track real-time attendance of teachers, students and field visits has led to slow pace of work and manipulation data.
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Beneficiary : Government officials
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