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Systems Transformation Project

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Project Owner : Gujarat
Status : On Track
State: Gujarat
Start date : 23 Oct 2017
Estimated End Date : 60 months
Estimated cost : 0.00 lakh
Cost per beneficiary : 0.00 lakh
Project Partners :
Key success indicators : ? Improvement learning statewide learning outcomes ? Improved system capacity to deliver quality education
Problem statement : Government of Gujarat wants to set-up a dedicated Project Management Unit to expedite the implementation of the key reform initiatives in the State. Government has already set-up a Ministerial Advisory Council and is in process of constituting the Steering Committee. The PMU will report to the Steering Committee to identify, design track and monitor key initiatives. CSF, a non-profit organization, will work with Education Department to strengthen the education system in Gujarat across focus areas by fulfilling the role of a strategic thought partner to Education Department. The Parties have come to the following understanding: It is intention of the Parties that they may work together for smooth functioning of the PMU to implement systemic transformation initiatives and strengthen the school education system in Gujarat across focus areas, so as to ensure high-quality education for all children. The Government of Gujarat is one of the most progressive when it comes to education reforms, having launched many programmes itself as well as in partnership with other civil society organisations. Central Square Foundation is supporting the Government of Gujarat to strengthen its school education system. In partnership with the Government, the following areas of the Roles and Responsibilities of the PMU have been identified: ? Visioning ? Structure the vision, goals and strategic roadmap and ensure all initiatives are driving towards the goal ? Diagnostic ? Identify and prioritise key interventions for the State based on overall vision and objectives ? Design ? Develop clear, objective, goals, Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), design and strategic framework for each initiative ? Implementation ? Establish working team for each initiative ? Build detailed implementation plan for each initiative with clear responsibilities and timelines ? Review / evaluation and Monitoring ? Track implementation progress against action plan and collect feedback to adjust plans ? Prepare for the Steering Committee Meetings for progress update and planning ? Support the Steering Committee to develop quarterly update reports for the Minister/ Chief Minister Review ? Coordination ? Create communication and working channels between initiatives for alignment ? External Support ? Assist the State in Select, plan and track the intervention of the external agencies (for example, NGOs) ? Assist the State in identifying and implementing the relevant innovations from other States
Proposed solution : Regardless of multiple intervention to ensure quality education in The State, there has not been a significant improvement in students learning outcomes. While there has been a lot of focus on access, retention and enrollment with RTE, it has not reflected in improved learning in national and State level assessments. One of the critical elements to improve learning is improved teaching learning processes and a capacitated system to support it. To address this concern, CSF will work with the School Education Department in Gujarat to support system strengthening with improved in class processes, monitoring and additional support to improve students learning outcomes. CSF will serve as the strategic thought partner to Education Department and will provide advisory services to strengthen the education system. On each initiative, CSF will work closely with the key personnel from Education Department and its partners. CSF may bring additional partners and experts to better support the Education Department. Both parties will hold periodic consultations and apprise each other of progress of existing initiatives and find new opportunities for collaboration.
Additional details :
Beneficiary : Government officials
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