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Women Health and Menstrual Hygiene

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Project Owner : Punjab
Status : Not yet started
State: Punjab
Start date : 1 May 2018
Estimated End Date : 24 months
Estimated cost : 2285.00 lakh
Cost per beneficiary : 0.00 lakh
Project Partners :
Key success indicators : • Reduction in absenteeism of teenage girl students in schools • Decrease in drop out of girls at secondary stage of schooling • Improvement in women health and their lifestyle • Improvement in women hygiene • Effective management of waste
Problem statement : Early reproductive health education and adequate school sanitation facilities are necessary in order to achieve better reproductive health and hygienic life. There are more than 220940 girl students between the age of 14 to 16 studying in government secondary schools of Punjab. As they are largely from the poor cross section of the society, they are unable to afford buying costly napkins, they have to resort to unhygienic alternatives during menstrual days and as such they are vulnerable to diseases. To address this issue, we have planned a project of sanitary napkin to be implemented in the education sector of Punjab. The project includes the installation of Sanitary Napkin Vending Machines and Sanitary Napkin Incinerators in each and every govt. school where girls are enrolled in classes 8th onward.
Proposed solution : This project targets all 14 plus Girl students studying in government secondary and senior secondary school of Punjab. This target group belongs to lower middle class to middle class families, largely living in rural and semi urban areas of the state. The larger chunk of this cross section is unclear of the usage of sanitary napkins and is price conscious therefore, they value the product very costly and believe that sanitary napkins are for educated and privileged section of the society. If they are provided sanitary napkins free or at subsidize cost and they are trained to use it, it will lead to their better reproductive life and hygienic life style. It would also improve environment because of scientific disposal of used sanitary napkins. Further as girls usually become absent during their menstrual days, it would improve their attendance and also reduce drop out.
Additional details :
Beneficiary : Children (14-18 years)
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