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Project Owner : Madhya Pradesh
Status : On Track
State: Madhya Pradesh
Start date : 11 Dec 2017
Estimated End Date : 36 months
Estimated cost : 3920400.00 lakh
Cost per beneficiary : 6.67 lakh
Project Partners :
Key success indicators : All students who have taken the interest test will be aware of their derived interest Aptitude test All students who have taken the aptitude test are aware of their abilities. All students who have taken the aptitude test are aware of the abilities required for each interest ?eld. Usage Analytics of the MP Career Mitra Portal Number of views of the interest videos on the portal and YouTube
Problem statement : The National Curriculum Framework 2005 suggests that Secondary school is a period of formation of identity. The courses at this level generally aim at creating an awareness of the various disciplines and introduce students to the possibilities and scope of study in them. Through such engagement, they also discover their own interests and aptitudes and begin to form ideas on what courses of study and related work they might like to pursue later. Complete identity includes a clarification of ones morals, ethics, and standards, as well as a commitment to a future occupation. The CABE Committee report of 2004 states Universalization of Secondary Education Every child has right to exercise her/his full potential and achieve excellence, education has the potentiality and state has the responsibility in facilitating unfolding that potential and achieving the excellence hidden in every individual. Secondary education spreads over the ages of 15 and 16, and then to 17 and 18 in the senior secondary grades. These are the years of adolescence, and late adolescence. These are the years of transition, indeed, most crucial years of life. Although some students, during their secondary education have formed an idea of their future occupation, many of them seek guidance to make that decision. The Government of Madhya Pradesh seeks to reduce the gap between the dreams of a bright career and the standard pathways of education through a Career Guidance Project for all Grade 10 students from the State Board of Madhya Pradesh in collaboration with Shyamchi Aai Foundation. Shyamchi Aai Foundation is an NGO which has partnered with the Government of Maharashtra since 2016 and provided Career Guidance to more than 32 lakh Grade 10 students. Consecutively for two years, the most salient impact in Maharashtra has been that all vocational and ITI courses, that used to face a challenge of enrolment, have seen almost twice the number of applications compared to their intake. This project will thus help to catalyze the mainstreaming of vocational, skill based education and its promotion.
Proposed solution : Problem Statement -Currently, most of the students in Grade 10, who are at a crucial stage of making important choices related to higher education courses and careers, make their choices based vastly on the following reasons • Lack of Self-awareness • Popularity of the course • Earning potential • Parent and Peer pressure • Lack of awareness of various opportunities The higher education choices students make post grade 10, will influence their career path. Unfortunately, a large number of our students today are pursuing higher education courses that do not align with their aptitude and interest, preventing them from living up to their full potential Proposed Solution - With the rationale to cater to the needs of the adolescents and to provide guidance to students with access to information about higher education options post grade 10 in Madhya Pradesh, the Government of Madhya Pradesh has collaborated withSAF for a career guidance project through a 3 year MOU. Every year, SAF with conduct an interest test, an aptitude test, and provide college/course information on MP career mitra portal for Grade 10 students in Madhya Pradesh. It is an initiative to turn around the situation through its unique solution, which includes a. A comprehensive seven ?eld interest test – It is a psychometric test which is conducted on a mobile application (MP Career Mitra), evaluates the interest of the student in i. Agriculture ii. Uniformed Services iii. Arts/Humanities iv. Fine Arts v. Health and Life Sciences vi. Technical b. An aptitude test – It is a psychometric test conducted on a mobile application (MP Career Mitra), evaluates the students’ abilities in i. Logical reasoning ii. Verbal Ability iii. Spatial Ability iv. Numerical Ability c. MP Career Mitra– A mobile application and web portal on which the tests can be conducted, also provides information on all government approved courses and colleges mapped according to the interest fields. Thus all students can search for courses and colleges in their derived interest field according to their location. d. Training of teachers – Training Teachers to provide one-on-one career guidance for students in their school.
Additional details :
Beneficiary : Children (14-18 years)
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