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Posted By: Madhya Pradesh


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Project Owner : Madhya Pradesh
Status : Not yet started
State: Madhya Pradesh
Start date : 1 Apr 2018
Estimated End Date : 12 months
Estimated cost : 702.00 lakh
Cost per beneficiary : 200.00 lakh
Project Partners :
Key success indicators : Maximum coverage of students provided with school bags during Academic Session 2018 19.
Problem statement : Although many incentives like uniform, Bicycle, Textbooks etc. have been provided by the Govt. But looking into the socioeconomic background of students enrolled in government schools, students parents wish to possess a decent school bag. Being devoid of school bags, it results in poor maintenance of books and severely affects the age long Indian tradition of sharing books within or outside the family.
Proposed solution : Unavailability of funds for school bags due to other competing demands of School Education Department poses a huge challenge for providing school bags to poor students, As an innovative approach, the state envisages to solicit CSR Funds for providing school bags. Sponsor companies, Institutions can display their logos, messages on the bags for which they commit financial support. Although, the idea is to cover each and every student in the state, interested CSR partner may choose a specific District, Block or a cluster of schools too.
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Beneficiary : Other (please specify)
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