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Ensuring Education Accountability through Community Mobilization Toolkit”

Posted By: Chhattisgarh


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Project Owner : Chhattisgarh
Status : Not yet started
State: Chhattisgarh
Start date : 5 Jun 2018
Estimated End Date : 3 months
Estimated cost : 86.00 lakh
Cost per beneficiary : 195.00 lakh
Project Partners :
Key success indicators : • Implementation Guideline for SMDC to implement the programme effectively • A training module already developed under RMSA and materials for the SMDCs customized to their specific contexts and a delivery model that is contextualized to the specific challenges of education in Chhattisgarh • A Mobile School Score Card which will have means of measuring School Quality Indicators • A pool of trained master trainers who will be responsible for training the trainers who will then empower the SMDCs • Completion of training of the members of SMDCs members of all schools. • Quality monitoring
Problem statement : Decentralization of school education with adequate delegation of powers to local bodies is expected to be ensured in implementing the RMSA. Involvement of Panchayat Raj and Municipal Bodies, Teachers, Parents and the other stakeholders in the management of secondary education through bodies such as School Management & Development Committee and Parent-Teachers Association is planned. Community involvement and support from the community groups and local bodies will be sought for entire expansion process. In line with the above, the integrated scheme of RMSA assigns special importance to decentralised planning and implementation with active involvement of community members, teachers, parents, local bodies including Panchayati Raj Institutions, Municipal Bodies, and other stakeholders in the management of secondary education through establishment of multi member School Management and Development Committees.Community mobilisation and close involvement of community members in implementation of secondary education is extremely critical as it fosters ‘bottom up approach’ not only in effective planning and implementation of interventions in the schools but also in effective monitoring, evaluation and ownership of the government programmes by the community. Active participation of the community also ensures transparency, accountability and helps in leveraging the cumulative knowledge of the community for better functioning of schools. Field level research has shown that school functioning has improved significantly in places where communities have been involved actively. The active participation of the community members also ensures effective monitoring mechanisms at all levels. After giving more delegation of financial powers to SMDC, it is important that they should get more support at the district level with technical resource person to supervise, monitor and offer handholding technical support to SMDCs for programme implementation. In the process for expanding the secondary education, all the activities including participation, quality, civil works especially in case of strengthening existing secondary schools, upgrading middle schools, and opening new schools, feasibility of private-public partnership etc. are also targeted to be looked into by the SMDC. Hence there is urgent need of capacity building of the SMDC members including community members As they are not aware of the programme integrity and implementation technics. This factor was also highlighted by the 3rd Joint review Mission in of the programme. It was stated that “Conduct intense training of SIS, District units and SMDCs on compliance with the FM&P Manual
Proposed solution : With the change of time , its a dire need to train the SMDC members with modern tools and techniques. Therefore Capacity building of the SMDC members is really essential as it equips them with the necessary knowledge, skills and understanding to use and apply the programme guideline and day to day decision making process of the schools. At the same time they are needed to be trained in use of various technology and tool-kits to ensure their role in accountability in education.
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Beneficiary : Parent/Community
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