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Career Guidance & Counseling Program for Secondary Students

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Project Owner : Chhattisgarh
Status : Not yet started
State: Chhattisgarh
Start date : 21 Mar 2018
Estimated End Date : 6 months
Estimated cost : 92.50 lakh
Cost per beneficiary : 100.00 lakh
Project Partners :
Key success indicators : 1.Students will sufficient knowledge regarding their Aptitude , Personality , Interest and internal drive. 2.Choosing streams according to their job requirement and interest instead of following others or as been directed by parents and family. 3. Motivated to pursue academic/ vocational education. 4.Content repository of more than 10,000jobs . 5.Capacity building of 4000 career counselor identified by school education department
Problem statement : There are 11, 00501 students enrolled in Secondary and Higher Secondary Schools and most of them do not have any particular future directions regarding their future prospect of life and what kind of education they should pursue , so that they will lead a successful life and become a successful citizen of life. They mostly join science , commerce or arts , because they are available or what their scores allow them to be in , without having any knowledge of their aptitude, interest or skill. Sometime they without recognizing their own potential join or choose academic pursuit which they give up later or even dropout from the system.They do not have any proper guidance regarding career counseling.
Proposed solution : Since the students do not have any idea regarding their own potential, interest and attitude and at the same time do not have career counselors around them to guide so it is suggested to device long term Career Guidance and Counselling program ,so that they can choose the right career for them A program which includes providing teacher training in Guidance and Career Counselling training , Designing, Conducting and Analyzing a Standardized and Validated Psychometric Assessment (Aptitude Test, Personality Test and Interest Test) in both English and Hindi.
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Beneficiary : Children (14-18 years)
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