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Shala Siddhi ,Hamari Shala Aisi Ho

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Project Owner : Madhya Pradesh
Status : On Track
State: Madhya Pradesh
Start date : 16 Jan 2016
Estimated End Date : 24 months
Estimated cost : 510.00 lakh
Cost per beneficiary : 0.00 lakh
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Key success indicators : • Key Success Indicators: ? Enabling Resources of School ? Improve the Teaching and Learning Practices ? Progress in student attainment and development ? Build the School leadership and management ? Professional development of teachers ? Productive Community Participation
Problem statement : The need for effective schools and improving school performance is increasingly felt in the Indian education system to provide quality education for all children. The quality initiatives in school education sector, thus, necessitate focusing on school, its performance and improvement. Therefore, a growing emphasis is being placed upon developing a comprehensive and holistic school evaluation system as central to school improvement. Madhya Pradesh has initiated a number of programmes like “Pratibha Parva”, “Hamari Shala Kaisi Ho”, “Shala Vikas Yojna”, “Shala Gunvatta Karyakram”, “Shala Darpan” etc. Drawing from the experiences, the State has adapted “Shala Siddhi” Programme from the framework provided by NUEPA and customised it to state-specific needs. The programme has been named as “Shala Siddhi - Hamari Shala Aisi Ho”.Madhya Pradesh has launched the programme at Bhopal on 16th January 2016
Proposed solution : Historically, school inspection and supervision by educational authorities has been considered as an instrument of school evaluation, the outcome of which is generally presented in the form of an inspection report. The inspection of schools is generally conducted without explicit criteria of evaluation and clearly written inspection guidelines. To improve quality of elementary education through School Assessment, Monitoring and Accreditation processes for which assessment and monitoring tools was developed.
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Beneficiary : Children (6-13 years)
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