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Digital Learning – Gyankunj

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Key Attributes Details
Project Owner : Gujarat
Status : On Track
State: Gujarat
Start date : 3 Oct 2017
Estimated End Date : 36 months
Estimated cost : 1.10 lakh
Cost per beneficiary : 0.00 lakh
Project Partners :
Key success indicators : 1. Teachers competency level for interactive teaching 2. Students learning level and understanding on unit wise syllabus
Problem statement : A new model of School Digitalization, named as ‘Gyankunj’ designed to accelerate the efforts of Gujarat Government in Digital Mode of Education. The projects aims at enhancing classroom interactivity and teaching-learning process with the help of technology tools.
Proposed solution : Problem statements: 1. Lack of interactivity during classroom transactions 2. Control of teachers on normal board to make transaction interactive 3. Lower understanding and long lasting knowledge in traditional teaching process 4. Gaps in academic delivery to achieve learning level of each individual Proposed solutions: The package of robust infrastructure is defined by considering schools local conditions and usage level and operational context. Under this model, Upper Primary Classes would have the facilities as under: • Wi-Fi Internet Connectivity at school • Projector • IR Camera • Laptop • Speaker • White Board • Wi-Fi Router • Tablets to Students of Class VI & VII • Use of e-Content provided by GCEE-SSA (Std.5 to 8) and Video Content telecast under e-Class project • Exploring utilization of all Educational Contents, Freeware, Open Source Resources, Online Resources, eContent Created / Tailored by teachers etc. with comfort to teachers up to complete understanding of all students • Teachers Training and Hand Holding • Maintenance support for hardware through helpdesk Gyankunj model use whiteboard, a Laptop, a projector, IR camera and interactive software for interactivity in classroom, the components are connected wirelessly or via USB or serial cables. A projector connected to the laptop displays the desktop image on the whiteboard and IR camera uses high speed image sensors which can intelligently track and learn the environment and allow for a seamless information control with any display with real-time interaction and writing speed without any lag and superior interactive performance. The IR camera accepts touch input from infrared enabled pen (stylus). It also helps schools, teachers and students to stand globally competent with the help of education technology.
Additional details :
Beneficiary : Children (6-13 years)
What is needed : ,,,
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