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Project Owner : Telangana
Status : Not yet started
State: Telangana
Start date : 1 Jan 2018
Estimated End Date : 24 months
Estimated cost : 387.50 lakh
Cost per beneficiary : 0.00 lakh
Project Partners :
Key success indicators : Improvement of language skills i.e. reading, writing, vocabulary, reading comprehension. Development of reading habits where children spent considerable time in reading books other than text books.
Problem statement : Language abilities are key to the development of other abilities and success of children in the other curricular areas. Exposure to reading books develops language skills and other Higher Order Thinking Skills like imagination, creativity, reasoning, prediction etc. Therefore children exposure to books is very critical during School age for the all round development. Children read books to enjoy and as well as to grow knowledge across all fields. Therefore it is required to develop school libraries and improve the access towards books. It goes a long way for the development of various abilities of children. The Library books may be integrated with other curricular areas to extend the curricular experiences. This directly benefits the children in developing reading habits and reading culture.
Proposed solution : Most of the Elementary Schools in the State do not posses libraries to facilitate children to read and develop reading habits. The children studying in Govt. Schools are from lower middle and marginalised sections of the society and they do not posses books, news papers and reading climate in their homes. Most of the children do not posses access to children literature. Therefore it is required to provide good access to the books through establishing school libraries in Elementary schools.
Additional details :
Beneficiary : Children (6-13 years)
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