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Mukhymantri Shala Suraksha Karyakram

Posted By: Chhattisgarh


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Project Owner : Chhattisgarh
Status : On Track
State: Chhattisgarh
Start date : 14 Nov 2017
Estimated End Date : 24 months
Estimated cost : 437.00 lakh
Cost per beneficiary : 10.00 lakh
Project Partners :
Key success indicators : Number of schools passing the school security audit
Problem statement : State has recently launched this program on Children day with the following Objectives To initiate policy level changes for ensuring safe school environment To sensitize children and the school community on disaster preparedness and safety measures To motivate direct participation of key stakeholders in activities that would help contributing towards a disaster resilient community To promote capacity building of officials teachers and students To carry out Information Education and Communication (IEC) activities in schools and associated environment To implement non-structural mitigation measures in select schools To carry out demonstrative structural retrofitting in select schools
Proposed solution : Schools have been deeply affected by the economical political and social conditions of our time and have been exposed to many undesirable events and behaviors such as LWE area trauma, substance addiction common violence child abuse child marriage natural calamities and the like. To tackle the security problems at schools it is an asset to diagnose the problems at the first hand and then to search the system wide solutions. Based on the views of the teachers parents and experts to determine the security problems experienced at schools and to develop recommendations for tackling them. UNICEF is supporting the state to have proper solutions to such problems
Additional details :
Beneficiary : School
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